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The 6 best international hospitals in Phuket and greatest properties around.

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When investing in real estate anywhere in the world, it is crucial to assess the amenities present in an area. Phuket is among the most vibrant cities in Thailand in terms of real estate. There is a sizable supply of new properties in Phuket and overwhelming demand globally from buyers in Asia, UK, Europe, and the U.S. There are many of Villas for sale in Phuket, among other word class properties like condos, penthouses, etc. for sale and rental. 

Welcome to our company specializing in the sale of real estate in Thailand. We are proud to offer a wide range of quality properties, from luxury condos to spacious villas, to suit the needs and preferences of all our clients. With our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Phuket real estate market, we are able to provide sound advice and personalized guidance to help you find the property of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a permanent residence, a vacation home or an investment property, we are here to help you achieve your goals. Contact us now to learn more about our company and discover the wonders of Phuket.

But does Phuket have international amenities? Absolutely! There are ample international amenities for tourists, residents, and investors to enjoy. Our focus here is on international hospitals in Phuket. Here are the 6 best international hospitals in Phuket.

 Bangkok Hospital Phuket

In addition to our stunning selection of condos for sale in Phuket, we would like to highlight the city’s outstanding healthcare infrastructure. Phuket is home to Bangkok Hospital Phuket, which is a division of the BDMS – the largest network of top 5 medical service providers globally. This world-class hospital is fully accredited by the IHI and the JCI, offering a wide range of medical services and treatments to patients from all over the world. With over 500 medical personnel, including 200 doctors, and state-of-the-art facilities such as 5 operating rooms and 11 ICUs, Bangkok Hospital Phuket is a leading medical tourism destination, serving over 90,000 patients annually. This is just one example of the many amenities and advantages that Phuket has to offer as a location for real estate investment.

Locate on the map Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Top property nearby : Khram Villas Chalong

Khram Chalong offer 5BR pool villa with a nice sea view over the bay of Chalong. This luxury villa project is located on a hilltop. On one side the property overlook the Andaman Sea, on the other side the villas are bordered with forest & mountain. Khram Chalong the villas are designed with three separate pavilions, all looking out to the sparkling sea. Each pavilion features a 3-meter-high ceiling. Khram Chalong villas feature a modern contemporary design complementing the green hillside surroundings. Khram Chalong is set in a prime location; adjacent to popular landmarks, supermarkets, international schools and restaurants.

Starting price : ฿45,000,000 THB

Mission Hospital Phuket

If you’re looking for luxury villas for sale in Phuket, you’ll be pleased to know that the city is also home to Mission Hospital, another top international hospital in Bangkok. Since 1937, Mission Hospital has been providing world-class therapeutic, diagnostic, and emergency facilities to both local and international patients. As part of the global Adventist Healthcare Network, the hospital has served patients from over 60 countries to date. Mission Hospital has been among the first private hospitals in Thailand to receive HE (Hospital Accreditation) Re-Accreditation approval, with standards that have evolved in accordance with US trends. Patient safety is a top priority, with a focus on high-risk medication alerts, infusion pumps, correct surgical site, drug/medical abbreviations, and prevention of hospital/facility-acquired infections. With outstanding healthcare facilities like Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Mission Hospital, Phuket is an ideal location for both investment and lifestyle.

Locate on the map Mission Hospital Phuket.

Top property nearby : Lavish Estates

Lavish Estates has 3 pool villas types. The villa Extrava & the villa Serenity have 5 bedrooms with a size ranging from 751sqm to 827sqm. The villa Tranquil is a 3 bedrooms pool villa with a comfortable size of 575sqm. Lavish Estates offer luxury homes built with high quality materials and modern smart-home designs, matching the increasing high-end housing demand in Phuket. The land plots are ranging from 592sqm to 1,009sqm at Lavish Estates. Lavish Estates is a secured community with CCTV, 24hr security, Parking & Estate management.

Starting price : ฿34,051,500 THB

Vachira Phuket Hospital

For those interested in investing in real estate in Phuket, we would like to highlight Vachira Phuket Hospital, one of the oldest and most renowned hospitals in the city. Constructed in 1906 and initially funded by local citizens and merchants, Vachira Phuket Hospital has a rich history in the community. After a state visit in 1917, the then King Vajiravudh ordered the construction of a more spacious and modern facility, which was officially opened on January 1st, 1920 and named after the King. Today, Vachira Phuket Hospital is among the few leading international hospitals in Phuket, with over 400 patient beds and high management system standards and efficiency. The hospital offers a wide range of services, from holistic healthcare to general patients to secondary and tertiary level patients. With outstanding healthcare facilities like Vachira Phuket Hospital and a range of stunning villas for sale in Phuket, investing in real estate in this city is a wise choice.

Locate on the map Vachira Hospital Phuket.

Top property nearby : La Vista Luxury Villas Chalong Bay

La Vista Luxury Villas is a green development built with the EDGE Standard and sustainable materials such as solar panels, Q-Con aerated concrete block walls, poolnologies pool water filtration system, water-saving sanitary system & roof heat insulation, saving 20% of water and 40% of electricity
consumption. La Vista Luxury Villas are new pool villas for sale in Chalong Bay, Phuket. La Vista Luxury Villas Chalong Bay offers only 9 exclusive pool villas for sale. There are 3 types of pool villas offered, either 4 bedrooms of 453sqm, 5 bedrooms of 786sqm or 6 bedrooms of 1,139sqm. La Vista Luxury Villas are located in peaceful location on Phuket’s East coast with an unobstructed view over the magnificent Chalong Bay.

Starting price : ฿37,900,000 THB

Bangkok Hospital Siriroj in Phuket

Looking for villas for sale in Phuket? This is another international hospital in Phuket with a wide range of comprehensive general and specialist medical services for Thai and international patients. The services include cardiology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, plastic surgery, dental services, obstetrics, and other specialty services. Bangkok Hospital Siriroj also offers 24/7 emergency care and offers international patients’ medical tourism in conjunction with embassies and international insurance agencies globally. If you’re considering a move to Phuket, it’s good to know that Bangkok Hospital Siriroj is JCI-accredited and one of the leading private international hospitals in the area. Managed by BDMS (Bangkok Dusit Medical Services) – Thailand’s 3rd largest network of hospitals – the hospital has continuously invested in modern healthcare services since being established in 1982, to meet the needs of Thai patients, medical tourists, and those seeking villas for sale in Phuket.

Locate on the map Bangkok Hospital Siriroj.

Top property nearby : Kata View Condominium

Kata View Condominium is located in a quiet street near Kata Beach with convenient access. In Kata Beach there are very few options available for new condominiums. Kata View Condominium will definitely be an exceptional option for those looking for new apartments to stay. Kata View Condominium is a new residential project for sale in Phuket, Kata Beach. Foreign Freehold ownership is available at Kata View Condominium. At Kata View Condominium, for those looking for rental income, a rental program with revenue split 70/30 is available with the on-site management company.

Starting price : ฿5,266,800 THB

Patong Hospital

If you’re on the lookout for condos for sale in Phuket, it’s good to know that there’s yet another great international hospital in Phuket. Patong Hospital has 100+ beds and offers a variety of medical services to local and international patients. Since being established in 1986, the hospital has evolved into one of the best international hospitals in Phuket. The hospital offers everything from dental care, infant care, physical therapy, and exams to highly specialized treatments. Examples of specialized services include pediatrics, hypertension, orthopaedics, diabetes, and ENT (ear, nose, and throat) services.

Locate on the map Patong Hospital.

Top property nearby : Phutong Pool Villa

Phutong Pool Villa is an exclusive development with only 5 luxury pool villas. Each house at Phutong Pool Villa offers a great sea view over Patong Bay. Phutong Pool Villa is a great private residence or investment opportunity in the most visited area of Phuket while still being in a peaceful hillside atmosphere.Phutong Pool Villa are new sea-view pool villas for sale in Phuket. Phutong Pool Villas are located in a privated gated estate in Patong.Phutong Pool Villa offers luxury 3bedrooms pool villas built over 2 floors with 279sqm built-in area.

Starting price : ฿31,500,000 THB

Dibuk Hospital in Phuket

Finally, we have Dibuk Hospital, which also happens to be part of the BDMS network. Dibuk Hospital is also accredited (HA) and under the supervision of Bangkok Hospital Phuket on Quality Control & Medical Service Safety standards. The hospital, among the newest best international hospitals in Phuket since it was established in 2014, is recommended by our real estate agency. Dibuk Hospital offers tertiary hospital offerings to Thai and foreigners. The goal of the hospital is creating world-class standards of healthcare, efficiency, and affordability. Dibuk Hospital has world-class medical doctors (pediatricians, physicians, oncologists, pathologists, etc.) capable of handling all medical issues affecting local and international patients. General services are available 24/7. As a reliable real estate agency in Phuket, we highly recommend Dibuk Hospital for all your healthcare needs in Phuket.

Locate on the map Dibuk Hospital.

Top property nearby : Oxy Siray Residence

Oxy Siray Residence has a unique concept of modern & natural pool villas in Phuket. Each villa has a minimum of 4bedrooms, with sea view & a rooftop area. Oxy Siray Residence offers luxury pool villas for sale with sea view in Phuket. Oxy Siray Residence is located on the eastern part of the island, on Ko Sire, also called Siray Bay. The pool villas are built over 3 floors with a usable area ranging from 1,013sqm to 1,373sqm. The land plots are large at Oxy Siray Residence with a size ranging from 1,221sqm to 1,556sqm.

Starting price : ฿70,800,000 THB

In conclusion, if you are looking to buy a property in Thailand, whether it is a condo or a villa in Phuket, it is important to consider the health services available in the area. Phuket hospitals, such as Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Siriroj International Hospital, and Dibuk Hospital, offer world-class services for all residents and visitors to the area. By choosing to work with our real estate company, you can be assured that we will recommend the best properties that meet your needs, including easy access to the best medical care available in Phuket. Contact us today to learn more about the properties we have to offer and how we can help you find your dream home in Phuket.

What are the best hospitals in Phuket and which ones are closest to the properties for sale?

Phuket has several world-class hospitals, including Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Mission Hospital Phuket, and Vachira Phuket Hospital. The proximity of these hospitals to the properties for sale may vary depending on the location of the condo. At Keller Henson, our team specializes in researching the best properties for our clients if they need any medical attention near hospitals.

Are there any healthcare facilities or services offered within the condo properties for sale in Phuket?

Some condo properties for sale in Phuket offer initial healthcare facilities and services within their premises, such as dentist, pharmacy store, clinics and wellness centers.

What kind of medical services and support can expat residents in Phuket expect from the hospitals?

Expats living in Phuket can expect to receive high-quality medical services and support from the hospitals in the area. These services may include emergency care, outpatient care, inpatient care, surgeries, and other medical treatments. Most hospitals in Phuket have English-speaking staff, making it easier for expats to communicate and receive proper medical care.

How accessible are the hospitals in Phuket from the condo properties for sale, in terms of transportation?

Transportation options in Phuket may vary depending on the location of the condo property. However, most hospitals in Phuket are easily accessible by taxi or private transportation. Some condo properties may also offer shuttle services to nearby hospitals. Local transportation is another option including Tuk Tuks, Song Thaews mini bus etc.

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