Keller Henson Tools


Here are some useful property related calculator and converter tools developed by Keller Henson.
Freely use these tools as you wish. If you are not familiar with calculation, do feel free to contact the team at Keller Henson to assist you.

The Thai Metrics can sometimes be confusing. Here is a brief explanation about how to understand the Thai Metrics and how to convert it in common metrics such as Sqm or Sqf. You can simply use our conversion tool to convert the Thai metrics in Square Meters or Square Feet.

Calculate what would be your rental return and net rental return (rental yield) regarding the monthly rent you want to achieve for your property.

Calculate what would be the rental fee per month for your property regarding the rental yield % (rental return on investment) you are looking to reach.

Analyze your revenue and expenses out of a rental guarantee program. Helping you to analyze your net Return on Investment (ROI) after deduction of expenses to see if the program is worthy or not.

Analyze your revenue and expenses when reselling a contract to a new buyer before a condominium project completion date. This cash scenario will help you to analyze your Return on Investment (ROI) and your expenses to see if the investment is worthy or not.

Analyze the Return on Investment (ROI) you can reach by reselling your contract at a certain price per Sqm before a condominium project’s completion date. Calculate your capital gain and return on investment when reselling a property contract and analyze if the investment is worthy or not.