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Welcome to Keller Henson, independent real estate agent operating in Thailand, South East Asia and beyond, specialized in new properties market, we list new condominiums, houses, villas, commercial properties for sale from reputable property developers and provide assistance and guidance for foreign property investments.


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Thailand, a real estate top destination !

Thailand is a dynamic economy with a solid tourism industry allowing for high rental yields in touristic places like Pattaya and Phuket especially, not mentioning the booming capital city Bangkok fueled by top luxury and high end constant new property developments.
Thailand is very favorable to foreign investors. Investing in Thailand’s properties is a safe and protected asset for high and regular income, and a huge potential for capital gains over the years.

The Thai laws are well designed and protect foreigners willing to purchase condominiums, villas or other types of properties in Thailand with different purchasing terms options. Although, Thailand is a kingdom, foreign ownership comes with meeting some conditions and respect of a specific purchasing process; we recommend you get assistance from a reputable real estate agency based in Thailand, ideally specialized in foreign ownership and new market investments like Keller Henson.



Thailand, top properties for sale and invest !

There are many reasons foreign investors are looking at Thailand real estate market and properties as a preferred destination for their investments: the high rental yields, the low starting prices of the real estate per sqm , a favorable environment and an easy purchasing process being in the top positions. There are several options to do property investment in Thailand whether by capital appreciation or capital gains or holiday property rentals. There are also well known international hotel groups offering hotel property investment opportunities with guaranteed revenue per year. Thai laws in regards to income tax are pretty simple and fair, nevertheless, Keller Henson, as a specialist for property investment in Thailand from abroad, can guide you with the best investment practices and tips to optimize and make sure you protect your assets while doing great deals with your property investment in Thailand.

Featured Projects

Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Life Charoennakhon - Sathorn

฿3.8M - ฿13.0M
  • Stories: 28 Units: 580 Year: 2026 Q4
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿146,504.00

  • Size Range: 30 - 92 sqm

  • BTS Dark Green

Babylon Sky Garden 2

฿3.8M - ฿19.5M
  • Stories: 5 Units: 49 Year: 2025 Q4
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿130,000.00

  • Size Range: 43 - 145 sqm

  • Phuket

Whizdom Craftz Samyan

฿9.5M - ฿56.3M
  • Stories: 55 Units: 418 Year: 2027 Q3
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿260,000.00

  • Size Range: 38 - 187 sqm

  • MRT Blue Line

Eden Ekkamai

฿67.0M - ฿124.1M
  • Stories: 7 Units: 17 Year: 2026 Q3
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿353,000.00

  • Size Range: 218 - 343 sqm

  • BTS Ekkamai

Park Residences

฿8.1M - ฿27.6M
  • Stories: 7 Units: 375 Year: 2026 Q2
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿189,000.00

  • Size Range: 47 - 153 sqm

  • Phuket

Origin Place Bangna

฿2.8M - ฿3.5M
  • Stories: 26 Units: 774 Year: 2025 Q3
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿114,000.00

  • Size Range: 28 - 35 sqm

  • BTS Bang Na


฿20.1M - ฿184.4M

Unique Villa Kata

฿16.9M - ฿18.9M
  • Stories: 1 Units: 4 Year: 2024 Q4
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿56,500.00

  • Size Range: 301 - 330 sqm

  • Phuket

Origin Thonglor World

฿27.0M - ฿39.7M
  • Stories: 30 Units: 669 Year: 2025 Q4
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿352,000.00

  • Size Range: 65 - 110 sqm

  • BTS Light Green

Kiara Reserve Residences Condominium

฿38.2M - ฿115.5M
  • Stories: 5 Units: 25 Year: 2025 Q4
  • Avg. Price per sqm: ฿145,000.00

  • Size Range: 251 - 829 sqm

  • Phuket

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Buying Real Estate in Thailand made it easy

Keller Henson, as a local Thai and authorized real estate agency company is involved in new real estate market all across Thailand. We re happy to share professional advices about the Thai real estate market for your investment plans, on the other hand, we understand also absolutely all the concerns it raises to buy a condominium or a villa in Thailand, a faraway tropical country. Thankfully, we can assist all along the way and beyond ! We will be able to give you insights / updates as practices are continuously evolving, and might differ upon provinces. As an independent real estate agency in Bangkok, with offices in Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samui,, we can virtually recommend any real estate property development, anywhere in Thailand, from any developer, we are not tied with any developer. This assures you 100% transparency for 100% satisfaction, our priority. Invest in Thailand’s real estate now with peace of mind with Keller Henson.

Buy a Property in Thailand through an educated decision

Purchase real estate in Thailand step by step with Keller Henson’s Guide

Keller Henson gives you all the tools and pieces of advice you might need to take an educated decision when purchasing real estate in Thailand – Refer to our “guide to purchase” and our tools to get to understand the market and the different options for foreign ownership.

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What our Clients Say

customers satisfied
Karam Ouadahi
Karam Ouadahi
Great service. Thanks to Bastien for his help and informations. I could find a very nice place in Thailand. I recommend Keller Henson expertise.
Djamal Djellouli
Djamal Djellouli
Thanks for your help ! I bought an Off Plan property with the assistance of Keller Henson agency 3 years ago. They stayed with me until the property handover and helped for other things I needed as a non-resident. Recommend this company for those looking for a service close to customer.
Billy Reiner
Billy Reiner
I used Keller Henson to buy a new property for investment. Great recommendations, it’s nice to find a company really paying attention to their customer needs & interest.
Jules Servignat
Jules Servignat
I got a very good experience purchasing a property during Covid-19 from overseas. Thanks Keller Henson agency for your recommendations & assistance along the way 👍.

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Frequently Asked Questions about real estate in Thailand

Who is Keller Henson?

Keller Henson logo

Keller Henson is a professional real estate agency founded in 2016, based in Thailand, Bangkok, with offices and representatives across the country’s hot spots : Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, Chiang Mai.

Keller Henson, is an independent licensed and renowned, family sized, real estate agency, specialized into new market development for residential or investment purposes : villas, houses, apartments, condominiums, offices and commercial properties in Thailand. Keller Henson offers to future investors a comprehensive set of advice, an introduction to the best properties for sale, market analysis, and professional assistance to purchase properties in Thailand like an insider.
Keller Henson helps you achieve the best deals for your real estate investments according to your plans and budget.
Keller Henson is working hard at managing the potential risks for its clients, by doing a check up on developer’s profile, reputation, financial health, by hiring third parties services when necessary : lawyers, architects, legal, and  by assessing all risks wisely together through an educated decision.

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Can foreigners buy real estate in Thailand?

Short answer is yes,
foreigners can purchase properties or land in Thailand with different purchasing terms options, namely freehold or leasehold terms

Buy a Condominium in Thailand: Thanks to the “Condominium Act” – foreigners are allowed by law to own fully a condominium unit, IF, the “Foreign Quota” within the condominium is below 49%. To say it differently, the ratio of foreign’s owned units in a condominium shall not exceed 49%.  Within the 49% ratio, it is possible for foreigners to purchase a condominium unit in freehold terms – your foreign name appears on the title deed as the sole owner of the property. Out of the Foreign Quota, purchasing terms would be leasehold terms

– Buy a house in Thailand:  As opposed to freehold terms, leasehold ownership is technically a long term lease contract, usually a 30 years lease, renewable up to twice. When you buy a house in Thailand, or a villa, or an apartment, or a condominium unit out of the Foreign Quota, a lease contract is made between the lessor, managing the property, and the lessee, you, being granted with the long term lease.

Buy a property in Thailand with a Thai company limited: Another option is to set up a Thai limited company, where you would remain the main shareholder and director, and buy the property / land in freehold terms in the company’s name. This comes with extra fees to set up the limited company and yearly company maintenance legal fees.

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Can foreigners invest in properties in Thailand?

Yes, Thailand is very favorable to foreign property investments.
Foreign investors can purchase real estate in ownership terms we’ve just outlined above, freehold or leasehold as a property investment, whether it is aiming at future capital gains, or regular rental incomes. Property investments from abroad in Thailand account for a huge share of the market, as investors see the benefits of Thailand’s strategic position, growth and fair taxation scheme.
In practice, highly touristic areas like Phuket or Pattaya see continuously new hotel developments to support the ever greater number of visitors, some of the international hotel groups and even local companies offer investors the chance to own a property within the hotel development project and get a yearly return from this piece of real estate once the hotel is built and welcoming customers. The rental program is entirely managed by the hotel, you can get up to 7-8% guaranteed ROI yearly (return on investment). Bangkok, on the other hand, offers lower rental yields, but applicable for luxury or high end properties, with greater value. 

To buy a condominium or to buy a villa Off the Plan is another genuine property investment practice in Thailand that allows for great capital gains in the long run and flexible payment terms. Off-Plan property consist in buying a property before it’s being completed. Somehow, the associated risks of buying a property that is not yet tangible, are compensated with the “pre-sales” low prices offered to own the property. Usually, and depending on developers, estimated time of completion, total amount, ect, when you buy a condo or villa off plan, you are likely to get flexible payment terms, often, with payments according to construction progress up to final handover of your property. In practice, this allows for payments installed on up to several years, at an under market average price per sqm, which leaves room for capital gains at time of the resell, even if there is an additional resale tax if you resell the property within the 5 first years – (SBT Tax)

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Can I rent out my condo or house in Thailand by myself ?

The short answer is yes, you can
Yes, you can buy a condo or buy a villa in places like Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya and rent it out to get a passive rental income stream, providing that it is in accordance with your ownership contract terms, authorizing you to sublet the unit, and providing that you are not already part of an exclusive rental program within the project development.

In practice, Airbnb is not officially accepted in Thailand, due to hotel license issues but is however tolerated in highly touristic areas : Pattaya, Phuket, Samui. Most of Bangkok’s condominiums would not allow owners to use Airbnb services, because it is perceived as a burden for other condominiums’ long term residents. You can possibly hire a third party rental management company to rent out your condominium or your villa on your behalf for you when you do not occupy your property. The rental management company obviously takes a share of the rental revenue as management fees, around 30% average.

You cannot rent out your property by yourself when you buy a condo or you buy a house in Thailand that is part of a real estate development offering exclusive rental programs, ex : hotel projects or hotel managed residences. You cannot rent out the unit by yourself since it is exclusively done by the hotel management. On the other hand, the rental programs offered by the hospitality industry sometimes feature very attractive conditions, precisely a guaranteed net revenue per year – or rental pool programs where owners share equally the pooled rental revenue, without mentioning the hassle free and peace of mind it represents not to handle at all the rentals management.

Rental incomes in Thailand for a foreigner are to be declared in your Personal Income Tax declaration and are taxed at 15% by default without a Thai TaxID.

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Do I need to open a bank account in Thailand to purchase a property in Thailand?

Not necessarily,
if you buy a new condominium or a new house directly from a developer or a promoter, opening a bank account in Thailand is not required, you can transfer the funds to the developer’s bank directly.
Yes, if you buy a second hand condominium or a second hand house from an individual, not a new unit, it is recommended to have a personal bank account in Thailand prior to the purchase since you will need to actually pay for the property at the time of transfer at the Land department.
When you purchase a newly built property, completed or off-plan, the funds can be transferred to the developer’s bank account directly, including all transfer and registration fees that occur at the handover, and you can open a bank account later at your convenience, with the evidence that you own a property in Thailand.
Keller Henson is happy to assist with the bank account opening in Thailand for non-residents which has lately been a harder task than it used to be for security reasons.

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What should I know before buying a new property in Thailand?

Beyond the general information about foreign ownership conditions offered to non-resident in Thailand and buying process, a best practice to start with is to do a due diligence of the real estate project you have interest in, checking for instance the developer’s profile, reputation, financial stability, tracked records, construction and environmental permits status for the project, and who owns the land ultimately.
Unfortunately, Thailand is also famous for hosting an important number of buildings and infrastructure construction projects that have never been completed, for multiple reasons. You can still see today kilometers of elevated highway or even skyscrapers’ concrete skeletons in the middle of Bangkok, and this shall call for extreme caution when buying a house or a condo anywhere in Thailand, as a reminder that this first due diligence work is to be taken very seriously.
You should also pay close attention to the sales and purchase agreement contract and its clauses, especially the ones giving details about what happens in case there is a delay, or if there are any defects at delivery. Also, you should be aware of regulations, and taxation schemes, in the event you plan to rent out your property.

We strongly recommend you get assistance from a professional real estate agency specialized and up to date with foreign ownership practices and taxation schemes in Thailand. At Keller Henson, we only list in our website real estate properties in Thailand from developer’s that successfully passed our internal due diligence process. We’re here to help you understand and identify the clauses that might bring potential inconvenience later on. We can advise and recommend third parties, architects, lawyers, legal firms, to make sure everything goes as safe as smooth with your purchase real estate plans in Thailand.

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