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Unique Eco Viva


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  • Units:


  • Price range:

    ฿16.9M - ฿23.7M

  • Size Range:

    328 - 428 sqm

  • Completion date:

    2025 Q2

  • Avg price per sqm:


  • Area:

    Chalong Bay

  • Developer:


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Unique Eco Viva

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 Unique Eco Viva: Your Gateway to Sustainable Luxury Villas in Phuket


In the heart of Chalong, Phuket, the ‘Unique Eco Viva’ real estate project presents an exceptional opportunity for real estate investment. Offering a range of eco-friendly features and situated close to some of the island’s most cherished attractions, Unique Eco Viva stands as a testament to the allure of luxury villas in Phuket.

Introducing Unique Eco Viva

‘Unique Eco Viva’ showcases a collection of 3BR and 4BR pool villas with a built-up area ranging from 328 square meters to 428 square meters. What sets these properties apart are their meticulously designed eco-conscious features that make them an enticing prospect for those looking for sustainable luxury in the realm of real estate investment.

Eco-Friendly Features

  • 5 Kw Solar Panels: As a fundamental part of the villas, these solar panels not only reduce running costs but also create independence from the grid, contributing significantly to the sustainability of the environment.
  • Inverter Type Air Conditioning: This energy-efficient technology provides consistent and precise temperature control, translating into lower electricity bills, a key consideration for those discerning real estate investors.
  • Heat Pump Energy Recovery: The air-conditioner’s exhausted air is ingeniously repurposed to heat a water reservoir for the entire villa, saving up to 75% of energy compared to traditional water heaters.
  • LED Lights: These energy-efficient lighting solutions adorn the villa, offering a longer lifespan and better energy efficiency.
  • Pool Pumps with Inverter Technology (DC): The fully programmable pool pumps optimize performance and energy savings, a reflection of ‘Unique Eco Viva’s’ commitment to sustainability.
  • UV Reflecting Films: Every glass door and window is equipped with UV reflecting films, providing protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, reducing heat, and subsequently saving energy, along with glare reduction and preservation of interiors and furniture.
  • Smart Home System: Real estate investors can appreciate the energy-saving benefits and remote control capabilities, which enable temperature adjustment and sensor alerts on doors and windows.
  • Courtesy Lights on Walkways: These lights, with motion sensors, create an added layer of security and convenience, ideal for night-time strolls.
  • Walls and Roof Thermal Insulation: This feature is designed to prevent heat exchange, thus reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Digital Electricity Meter: Real estate investors will appreciate the accuracy and detailed energy readings, creation of consumption profiles, and automatic accounting for bill generation.
  • Rainwater Collection: Each villa includes an underground tank reservoir with a filtration system, ensuring sustainable water usage and environmental responsibility.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging: With the world moving towards electric transportation, ‘Unique Eco Viva’ is well-prepared with a 3-phase home charging station in the car park, making it an attractive prospect for forward-thinking real estate investors.


Location and Nearby Attractions

‘Unique Eco Viva’ is strategically located in Chalong, Phuket, a vibrant urban-commercial bay area that offers an array of conveniences. Situated amidst restaurants, luxury malls, prestigious international schools, and a plethora of activities, it caters to the discerning tastes of those looking for luxury villas in Phuket. Moreover, beautiful beaches, including Rawai Beach, Nai Harn Beach, Yanui Beach or Kata Beach, are just a stone’s throw away, ensuring residents and investors can relish the island’s natural beauty.

For those looking for cultural and adventure experiences, nearby attractions like the Bukit Elephant Park, Phuket Bird Park, Tiger Park Phuket, and the iconic Big Buddha Phuket await exploration. This is not only an investment in a home but also an investment in a lifestyle that is synonymous with luxury.

Shopping and Healthcare Accessibility

For daily necessities and gourmet indulgences, ‘Unique Eco Viva’ is conveniently close to Lotus’s Supermarket and Villa Market Chalong Phuket. The proximity to these shopping options ensures that residents have all their requirements within reach, adding to the overall convenience and attractiveness of the property for potential real estate investors.

In terms of healthcare, the ‘Unique Eco Viva’ location is approximately a 40-minute drive from Thalang Hospital, guaranteeing access to medical facilities when needed.

Furthermore, accessibility is a crucial consideration for any real estate investment. The ‘Unique Eco Viva’ is located 41.2 kilometers from Phuket International Airport, making it a convenient destination for those who travel frequently or for international investors looking for a vacation home in Phuket.

In conclusion, ‘Unique Eco Viva’ is more than just a collection of luxury pool villas in Phuket; it is a testament to the future of sustainable real estate investment. With its eco-conscious features, prime location, and proximity to key attractions, it presents a compelling opportunity for those seeking the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability in their real estate investment. By choosing ‘Unique Eco Viva,’ you not only secure a prestigious address in Phuket but also a greener, more energy-efficient future.

Don’t miss the chance to invest in a piece of paradise.

What is the price of a pool villa at Unique Eco Viva?

You can acquire a property at Unique Eco Viva starting at ฿16.9M THB ($476,137 USD).

The price range is ฿16.9M THB ($476,137 USD) to ฿23.7M THB ($667,719 USD) at Unique Eco Viva.

The average price per sqm at Unique Eco Viva is approximately ฿55,000 THB ($1,511 USD).

What are the villas size at Unique Eco Viva?

Unique Eco Viva offers 3BR & 4BR pool villa with a built-up area ranging from 328sqm to 428sqm.

The land plots are ranging from 281sqm to 464sqm at Unique Eco Viva.

What is the completion date of Unique Eco Viva?

Unique Eco Viva completion date is in 2025 Q2.

Where is Unique Eco Viva located?

Unique Eco Viva is located in Chalong, Phuket, Thailand.

Chalong is an urban-commercial bay area conveniently surrounded by restaurants, luxury malls, prestigious international schools, activities, and beaches.

What is the ownership at Unique Eco Viva?

The type of ownership proposed at Unique Eco Viva is freehold ownership for Thai Company or Thai Nationals.

Leasehold ownership for non-Thai nationals (30 years lease renewable 2 times for a total of 90 years).

How to buy a property at Unique Eco Viva?

1- Contact us to select a land plot & a villa type.

2-Reservation Agreement signature & payment of booking fee ฿200,000 THB ($5,375 USD).

3-Contract signature & payment of deposit 35%.

4-Installments payment according to construction progress.

5-Transfer of ownership & lease registration upon completion.


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