Are Condominium Foreign Buyers allowed to open a Thai Bank Account?

The answer is YES, you can.

You can open a bank account in any Bank as a condominium buyer. To do so, you will have to present to the Bank the following documents:

  1. Original of Sales and Purchase Agreement signed by developer and buyer.
  2. Official Receipt(s) from the developer.
  3. Original of passport with last immigration stamp into Thailand.
  4. Minimum deposit.

The process will take around 30min and you will have a Bankbook with a Debit Card. You can pay or withdraw money in any country outside Thailand with your Debit Card.

Keller Henson Tips:

  1. Some Banks have more ATM at disposition.
  2. Some Banks have a higher interest rate for savings accounts.
  3. It is possible to open a foreign currency account.

Sample of a Thai Bankbook and Debit Card:

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