Rental Guarantee Program – How does it work?

Rental Guarantee (RG) programs are mainly found in Thailand in the seaside destinations, facing the highest hotels occupancy rates in the country.

The Process

You can purchase a condominium unit in a project that will be managed as a hotel. As an investor of the hotel, you will have the ability to join a rental guarantee program.

The hotel will be running, and in reward of your investment, the hotel management company will share with you a part of its profit. From 6% to 10% annually, depending on the program. This during a certain period of time, renewable or not, according to the agreement.

You will as well beneficiate of Free-Stay, from 15 days to 30 days per year. Some program having a buy-back option after 5 to 15 years, you will have a guaranteed exit strategy giving you the ability to acutely plan your returns.

A very profitable and peace mind investment, with as a bonus, the pleasure to enjoy free holidays in awesome destinations each year!

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