Restaurant Nana BTS – Business to take over

Restaurant business to take over one step away from Nana BTS

  • Rent per month 100,000 baht (deposit 3 months)
  • 50,000 baht rent per month until end of the year because virus situation.
  • first 6 month 2021: 65,000 baht rent per month
  • 3 years contract
  • 4 storey commercial building
  • Usable area: approximate 330 sqm
  • Size per floor About 6 x 13m
  • number of seats: 56 pax
  • The place been renovated and fully equipped recently
  • Ability to take over the business with the company having work permit, all licences, all the new equipment purchased, interior design and renovation done.
  • Take over fee: 3.3M THB


  • Soi 8, Sukhumvit Road. Less than 1 walk minute from Nana BTS. Across the road to Soi 11. 5 minutes’ walk to Terminal 21. Surrounded by hotels and offices and tourist spots.
  • Wall has been painted less than 3 months ago.
  • There is outside sitting on a deck for about 16 pax, Inside seating about 24 pax, there is also 2nd floor seating of about 16 pax.
  • Ground Floor, outside sitting there is a large TV, 2 ceiling fan and 2 wall fan. Outside sitting is with roof so there is no issue if rain. Deck is private. There is a big black board made of aluminum to write the menu etc. Restaurant sign is on the wall. Opposite is a hotel.
  • Inside of the restaurant there is a good size equipped bar with fridge for drinks, Ice keeper, tilt and POS machine, place to display all the wine and alcohol. Equipped with 4 Air Conditions, 2 unit of small unit and 2 big unit. There are 3 ceiling fans. There is a toilet in a ground floor. There is also an industrial lift to carry furniture and equipment up till the 5th floor.
  • 2nd Floor, there is a well equipped and good size open kitchen and with extra sitting only indoor. Kitchen is equipped with Italian imported Pizza oven which is about 1 month old, imported fryer and Rational – German made oven, 2 speed dough mixer which is about 2 months old. Cold countertop food storage, 2 units about 2 months old. 3 x 2 doors fridges, 1chester freezer, table, hood, exhaust, stove and griller. There is also top dry food storage shelves. Double huge sink and stainless-steel shelves. Ready made gas connection and electricity supply. Also equipped with new fire extinguisher.
  • Equipped with 3 Air conditions.
  • Music system are connected ground and 2nd floor.
  • Wifi connection up till the 5th floor.
  • 3rd floor is a empty space with a small bar counter and a small stage. There is about 30 spare chairs. This space can be use events. Equipped with 2 large air conditions. There is a renovated guest toilet on this floor.
  • 4th floor is a storage space, secured caged, dry food and equipment storage space. 1 domestic refrigerator, 2 x 2 door fridge and 3 chest freezers. 1 toilet with washing machine and staff locker. Storage of cleaning equipment.
  • 5th floor, this is where all the cylinder gas tanks are connected too. Space to dry towels and napkins. Indoor storage space for equipment and furniture.
  • Property also equipped with 2 automatic water pumps, so there is no water pressure issue which was just installed 2 months ago.
  • Building and equipment is well maintained since is really new business. Pest control is done from time to time.


  • Tables and chairs are wood with steel legs. Natural wood color. Also sofa available ( grey).


  • 2 Million paid up capital company. Vat registered and taxes are paid monthly.


  • Food, cigarettes and alcohol licenses with 1 year validity up till end of Dec 2020.


  • Done on Wongnai with write up article of food and restaurant. Video and pictures which published on 20th Feb, 2020.
  • 5 Stars review on google, Tripadvisors. Business is on Instagram and facebook.
  • Established website which can be pass on.
  • Delivery Options
  • Currently active on Line Man.
  • Has registered with Food Panda and waiting for reply.

Operating timings

  • 3p.m. to 11.00p.m. every day except Monday.


  • Equipped with cutleries, bowls, plates, kitchen equipment, bar equipment, glasses- white, red wine, flute, champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, drinking glasses less than 2 months old, shot classes, furniture and cleaning equipment. Full list can be provided upon request.


  • Menu and recipe can be pass on if interested, our Chef will provide a few days training.
  • All supplier and maintenance contact and also be pass on. Food, beverages supplier, building maintenance supplier, handy man, equipment supplier, legal and accounting company contacts.


  • 6 to 8 staff


  • THB100,000 per month with 3 months deposit, rental should be paid in advance every month. Lease agreement will be 3 + 3 + 3 years and renewable with landlord directly. This cost is not included in the sale price.
    Size per floor About 6 x 13m


  • Still and Sparkling imported water, Spanish and Italian Red wine, white wine, Campari, aperol, Martini, Vermont, Sambuca, Absolute Vodka, Skyy Vodka, Whisky, 14 types of Gin, prosecco, local beer and imported beer, full list can be provided upon request.

Reason for selling

  • Chef is moving back to his country for personal reason.

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