The 17 lifestyle shopping center in Bangkok

Lifestyle shopping centers give life to the growing social environment of Bangkok. The economy is continuously booming and the number of lifestyle centers is increasing. If you are planning to buy a condominium in Thailand, don’t forget to consider the proximity of the place to lifestyle malls so it will be convenient to go shopping for anything. For the list of malls in Bangkok CBD where there is enough foot traffic, here’s your guide.

Central Chidlom

This store was the first-ever department store in Bangkok in the 70s when it first opened its doors to the public. It’s a central lifestyle store that has been in the industry for a long time now. and easily accessible from Chit Lom BTS Station.

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Central World

The Central world is home to famous brands such as Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Upperground and Miniso. If you are looking for big brands to shop for, this is the ultimate choice for you. Central World is reachable either from Siam or Chit Lom BTS Station.

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Siam Discovery

Siam Discovery is a more sophisticated shopping mall perfect for those who are looking for women’s fashion, homeware, and digital appliances. This shopping center is easily accessible from the Siam BTS Station.

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Silom Complex

Silom Complex is more than just a fashion store. It is where you can find your other lifestyle needs such as health supplements, food, and many more. You can access to Silom Complex from Sala Daeng BTS Station and Silom MRT Station.

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Central Plaza Rama 3

Central Plaza Rama 3 is a 6 storey shopping center located on Rama III road. The floors are divided into sections where you can find a Cinema, Game Zone, Eyewear, health supplements, restaurants, and many more. If you look for the cinema, head straight to the 6th floor. The closest public transport from this shopping center is Chong Nonsi BTS Station.

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Gateway Ekkamai

This lifestyle shopping center is notable because of its Japanese style. It houses a combination of restaurants, health and beauty stores, and clothing boutiques. Gateway Ekkamai has the advantage to be linked directly to the BTS Station Ekkamai which is very convenient.

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Donki Mall

Originally coming from Japan, this is one of the newest malls in Bangkok that opened last year. Situated in Thong Lor soi 10, this mall is attracting enough foot traffic partly because of its atmosphere with Japanese restaurants, shops and the Don Quixote discount store–a popular brand in Japan.

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Century the Movie Plaza

This is considered as the greatest movie house in the city. It’s very accessible to commuters and tourists. You can easily walk down the BTS Station Onnut to reach the place. If you are looking for something to entertain you, you should check out what this place can offer.

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Terminal 21

When you enter Terminal 21, it’s like you are walking into Paris, Istanbul, London, and Tokyo. It’s a place where developers put extra effort to beautify its corridors, walkways and other amenities. All kinds of brands are here and the mall is connected to the BTS Station Asoke.

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Central Rama 9

Central Rama 9 is another lifestyle shopping store that you will be able to access from the MRT Phra Ram 9 station. You might be interested to find out what this 9-storey building has in store for you.

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The Street Ratchada

Different kinds of stuff are available inside The Street Ratchada. You will find apparel, fashion, homeware, restaurants, fitness and other Prominent Thai brands. A part of this shopping mall is open 24hours/7. Both Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station and Huai Kwang MRT Station will lead you to this mall.

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Everything about lifestyle and entertainment is here. You can go shopping in different retail shops and be able to explore the large cineplex and ice-skating rink. Esplanade is located few meters away from Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station. The Ratchada Train Market can also be found behind this mall.

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Show DC

If you are looking for a fun place for you and your kids, Show DC is a must-visit lifestyle center. New stores are scheduled to come in so don’t miss out on the chance! Phra Ram 9 MRT station is the closest public transport from this shopping center.

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River City Bangkok

River City Bangkok will never fail your expectations. You are likely to jump on a boat-restaurant and travel on the River when going to this mall. Different brands, arts & antique shops with riverside bars and cafes are also here. You can stop at Saphan Taksin BTS Station to reach River City Bangkok.

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Whizdom 101

This is a mixture of residential and commercial projects. If you are tired of going to malls to see the same brands every day, this is something to consider. This place is linked to the BTS Station Punnawithi by a sky-bridge and features as well a brand new startups and technology campus, The True Digital Park, the biggest in South East-Asia.

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Summer Hill

Inspired by the elements of summer, the Summer Hill Phra Kanong is a community mall located at a busy corner of Bangkok, one step away from the BTS Station Phra Kanong. It’s a good spot for daily convenience with its cafes, shops, restaurant and fitness. A new low rise office building, the Summer Hub, is located in the Summer Hill too.

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Gateway Bang Sue

Located beside Tao Poon MRT Station, in Bangsue District, this lifestyle shopping center is providing a wide range of products and services to customers. Enough foot traffic is here because of different shopping outlets, theater, and amusement zone.

When looking for a location where you can invest in real estate, make sure to check out properties in Bangkok for sale near these shopping malls. There is a greater opportunity for you as an investor since Bangkok property for sale here can appreciate its value over a short period of time.

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